Vol 48, No 6 (2016)

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Nanomagnetic Particle Production: Effect of Carbon and Iron Sources PDF
M.T.A.P. Kresnowati, Andy Wiranata Wijaya, Andry Andry 645-654
Synthesis of Biokerosene through Electrochemical Hydrogenation of Terpene Hydrocarbons from Turpentine Oil PDF
Tedi Hudaya, Ongky Widjaja, Antonius Rionardi, Tatang Hernas Soerawidjaja 655-664
CO2 Solubility in Electrolyte Solution of Potassium Carbonate with the Addition of Promotor Amines (MDEA-DEA/ PZ-DEA) at Various Temperatures PDF
Saidah Altway, Kuswandi Kuswandi, Iqwal Zulfetra, Firda Nuharani 665-678
Evaluation-Function-based Model-free Adaptive Fuzzy Control PDF
Agus Naba 679-699
Measurements and Stochastic FEA with Application in Thermomechanical Characterization of Electronic Packages PDF
Omar Bendaou, Othmane Bendaou, Fran├žois Bourzeix, Mohamed Agouzoul, Abdelkhalak El Hami 700-714
Seismic Behavior Factors of Steel Frames Braced with Viscoelastic Damping System PDF
Besan Alagawani, Yousef Harb Alqaryouti 715-742
Thunderstorm Algorithm for Determining Unit Commitment in Power System Operation PDF
A.N. Afandi, Yunis Sulistyorini 743-752
Synthesis of Polyhedral Magnetite Particles by Hydrothermal Process under High Pressure Condition PDF
Siti Machmudah, Wahyudiono Wahyudiono, Hideki Kanda, Motonobu Goto 753-771
Intelligent Prognostic Framework for Degradation Assessment and Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Photovoltaic Module PDF
Nabil Laayouj, Hicham Jamouli, Mohamed El Hail 772-795

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