Vol 35, No 2 (2003)

Table of Contents


Analysis of Surface Wave Attenuation in Mangrove Forests PDF
Safwan Hadi, Hamzah Latief, Muliddin Muliddin 89-108
Characteristics of Response of Piezoelectric Actuators in Electron Flux Excitation PDF
Philip C. Hadinata, John A. Main 109-123
Gas Deliverability Model with Different Vertical Wells Properties PDF
L. Mucharam, P. Sukarno, S. Siregar, Z. Syihab, E. Soewono, M. Apri, F. Irzal 125-138
A Low-Dimensional Model for the Maximal Amplification Factor of Bichromatic Wave Groups PDF
W. N. Tan, Andonowati Andonowati 139-153
H∞ Estimation Approach to Active Noise Control: Theory, Algorithm and Real-Time Implementation PDF
Bambang Riyanto 155-181

ISSN: 2338-5502