Vol 37, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


The Use of GPR in Delineating an Iron Sand Boundary and the Determination of Its Electromagnetic Wave Velocity: A Case Study in Jepara, Central Java PDF
S. Bijaksana, I. Rusyanti, M. I. T. Taib, L. A. Pasasa, A. S. Andreas 77-90
Low-Cost Real-Time Gas Monitoring Using a Laser Plasma Induced by a Third Harmonic Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser PDF
Syahrun Nur Abdulmadjid, Koo Hendrik Kurniawan, Tjung Jie Lie, Yong Inn Lee, Iwao Kitazima, Kiichiro Kagawa 91-106
Topographic data generated from Radarsat Images Over West Kalimantan, Indonesia PDF
Ishak Hanafiah Ismullah, Rian Nurtyawan 107-119
Model Predictive Control for Linear Complementarity and Extended Linear Complementarity Systems PDF
Bambang Riyanto, Ibrahin Hakim 121-140
Algorithms of Clustering and Classifying Batik Images Based on Color, Contrast and Motif PDF
Veronica S. Moertini, Benhard Sitohang 141-160

ISSN: 2338-5502