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Power Quality Investigation of Single Phase Grid-Connected Inverter of Photovoltaic System
Khaled M. Alawasa & Abdullah I. Al-Odienat
Application of Fibonacci Sequence and Lucas Sequence on the Design of the Siphon Pipe Shape of Toilet
Xiaole Ge, Hongfeng Wang, Shengrong Liu, Zhanfu Li, Xin Tong*& Jiafei Pu
Collapse Risks of Fail-Safe RC Frames Due to Earthquakes: Fragility Assessments
Mangkoesoebroto, S.P., Prayoga, M.H. & Parithusta, R.
Research on Flow Characteristics of Electronical Injection Device Developed for High-Power Natural Gas Engine
Binbin Sun, Wenqing Ge, Cao Tan, Yongjun Wang & Bo Li
Three-dimensional DC Resistivity Modeling using Galerkin Finite Element Method Composed by Tetrahedral Elements
Wahyu Srigutomo, Hairil Anwar, Eleonora Agustine and Harry Mahardika
Development of Nationwide Surface Spectra Acceleration Maps for Earthquake Resistant Design of Bridges Based on The National Hazard Maps of Indonesia 2017
Reguel Mikhail, Masyhur Irsyam, Ramli Nazir, M. Asrurifak,Bigman M. Hutapea, Siska Rustiani, Munirwansyah, Dandung Sri Harninto
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