SINR-based Network Selection for Optimization in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWNs)

Abubakar M. Miyim, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin


To guarantee the phenomenon of “Always Best Connection” in heterogeneous wireless networks, a vertical handover optimization is necessary to realize seamless mobility. Received signal strength (RSS) from the user equipment (UE) contains interference from surrounding base stations, which happens to be a function of the network load of the nearby cells. An expression is derived for the received SINR (signal to interference and noise ratio) as a function of traffic load in interfering cells of data networks. A better estimate of the UE SINR is achieved by taking into account the contribution of inter-cell interference. The proposed scheme affords UE to receive high throughput with less data rate, and hence benefits users who are located far from the base station. The proposed scheme demonstrates an improved throughput between the serving base station and the cell boundary.

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