Vol 12, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents


Vacant Parking Lot Information System Using Transfer Learning and IoT PDF
Edwin K Jose, S. Veni 207-218
Performance Comparison of LEACH and LEACH-C Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Ala'a Al-Shaikh, Hebatallah Khattab, Saleh Al-Sharaeh 219-236
DT-MSOF Strategy and its Application to Reduce the Number of Operations in AHP PDF
Fazmah Arif Yulianto, Kuspriyanto Kuspriyanto, Teguh Nurhadi Suharsono 237-255
Towards Automated Biometric Identification of Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) PDF
Irwandi Hipiny, Hamimah Ujir, Aazani Mujahid, Nurhartini Kamalia Yahya 256-266
Performance Analysis of BigDecimal Arithmetic Operation in Java PDF
Jos Timanta Tarigan, Elviawaty M. Zamzami, Cindy Laurent Ginting 267-279
A Hierarchical Emotion Classification Technique for Thai Reviews PDF
Jirawan Charoensuk, Ohm Sornil 280-296

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