News: ITB Journal Best Paper Award Winners Announcement 2013

ITB Journal has made the selection of papers published in 2013 to get the award for Best Paper.

Editors have selected the best papers for each journal:

Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences:

"Hawking Temperature of the Reissner-Nordstrom-Vaidya Black Hole"
by  Triyanta& Anike N. Bowaire

Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences:

"The Influence of Cross-Sectional Shape and Orientation of Micropillar Surface on Microdroplet Formation by a Dewetting Process"
by Bambang Arip Dwiyantoro & Shiu-Wu Chau

Journal of ICT Research and Applications:

"Performance Analysis of a Reconfigurable Shared Memory Multiprocessor System for Embedded Applications"

by  Darcy Cook & Ken Ferens

Each winner will be awarded a winner certificate and for Indonesian author will also get a prize of Rp. 2,500,000 that will be transferred to the bank account of the first author.

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