Doping Calcia and Yttria into Zirconia Obtained from by Product of Tin Concentrator to Improve its Ionic Conductivity

Fitria Rahmawati, Bambang Prijamboedi, Syoni Soepriyanto, Ismunandar Ismu


Zirconia has been prepared from Zircon concentrate by caustic fusion methods. Zircon is a by product from tin ore concentration plant at Bangka island of Indonesia. Yttria Stabilized-Zirconia (YSZ) was prepared by introducing the 8 % mol yttrium oxide into zirconia and sintered at 1500 „aC for 5 hours. In order to obtain constant oxygen vacancy of 8 % mol in Zirconia, an appropriate amount of Yttria and Calcia were introduced into Zirconia and the mixtures were heated at 1350 oC for 5 hours. Elemental composition was determined by SEM/EDX and XRF and lattice parameters were determined using X-ray diffraction method. Ionic conductivity was measured by complex impedance spectroscopy. The results show that doping of Yttria into Zirconia (YSZ) and Calcia-Yttria into Zirconia (CYZ) allows phase transformation of Zirconia from tetragonal with space group P42/nmc into cubic Fm3m and enhance the ionic conductivity. However, the prepared materials are porous and have not met the requirement for the electrolyte material yet.

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