Estimating Oil Reservoir Permeability and Porosity from Two Interacting Wells

S. Sutawanir, Agus Yodi Gunawan, Nina Fitriyati, Iskandar Fahmi, Anggita Septiani, Rini Marwati


The Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) can be used as a method to estimate reservoir parameters, such as permeability and porosity. These parameters play an important role in characterizing reservoir performance. The EnKF is a sequential estimation method that uses the parameters at t – 1 (called prior) to estimate the parameters at t adjusted by observations at t (called posterior). In this paper, the EnKF was used to estimate the reservoir parameters for the case of a linear flow of two interacting production-injection oil wells. The Laplace transform was used to obtain an analytical solution of the diffusivity equation. A state space representation was generated using the analytical solution. A simulation study showed that the proposed method can be used successfully to estimate the reservoir parameters using well-pressure observations.


ensemble Kalman filter; flow model; interacting well; sequential estimation; Laplace transform.

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