Minimisasi Riak Arus Keluaran Penyearah Daya-besaran dengan Menggunakan Filter Aktif

Pekik Argo Dahono


Sari. Suatu metode baru untuk meminimisasi riak arus keluaran penyearah daya besar dengan menggunakan filter aktif diusulkan dalam tulisan ini. Karena filter aktif terhubung parallel dengan beban, maka kapasitas arus filter aktif yang diperlukan menjadi sangat kecil, yaitu sebesar riak arus yang akan dikompensasi. Selain itu, karena filter aktif dihubungkan seri dengan filter kapasitor yang ada, maka kapasitas tegangan filter aktif juga sangat kecil, yaitu sebesar riak tegangan yang dikompensasi. Teknik kendali filter aktif yang diusulkan dijelaskan dalam tulisan ini. Validitas metode yang diusulkan diuji dengan simulasi dan percobaan

Output Current Ripple Minimization of High-Power Rectifiers by using Active Filter

Abstract. A new method to minimize the output current ripple of high-power rectifiers by using a dc active power filter is presented in this paper. Because the active filter is connected in paralled to the load, the current rating of the filter is very small, that is as small as the ripple which is going to be compensated. Moreover, because the active filter is series connected to the existing passive filter capacitor, the voltage rating of the active filter is also very small, that is as small as the voltage ripple which is going to be compensated. A control technique for the active filter is proposed in this paper. Validity of the proposed method is verified by simulated and experimental results.


filter aktif, penyearah, teknik kendali, minimisasi riak, sistem kendali; active filter; rectifier; control technique; ripple minimization; control system

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