Vol 49, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Modelling Multiple Dosing with Drug Holiday in Antiretroviral Treatment on HIV-1 Infection PDF
Sutimin Sutimin, Nuning Nuraini, Faraimunashe Chirove, Lisyani Budipradigda Suromo 1-17
On The Partition Dimension of Disconnected Graphs PDF
Debi Oktia Haryeni, Edy Tri Baskoro, Suhadi Wido Saputro 18-32
Riesz Representation Theorem on Bilinear Spaces of Truncated Laurent Series PDF
Sabarinsyah Sabarinsyah, Hanni Garminia, Pudji Astuti 33-39
Inhibition of Mammary Gland Cancer Development by Propolis and Mangostin in Female Mice Balb/C PDF
Marselina Irasonia Tan, Irham Hayati 40-50
The Reliability of Wireless Sensor Network on Pipeline Monitoring System PDF
Hafizh Prihtiadi, Mitra Djamal 51-56
Quantitative Analysis of Color Combination from LED and Laser Light Sources Using Modified CIE 1931 Color Space Coordinates PDF
Isnaeni Isnaeni, Iyon Titok Sugiarto 57-65
Stability in Functional Integro-differential Equations of Second Order with Variable Delay PDF
Cemil Tunc, Melek Gozen 66-89
Safe Dosage of Caprine CSN1S2 Protein from Fresh Local Goat Milk for Rats Evaluated by Acute and Sub-Chronic Toxicity Testing PDF
Fatchiyah Fatchiyah, Bambang Setiawan, Takeshi Ohta, Vita Agustina, Suharjono Suharjono 90-103
Cover Vol. 49 No. 1, 2017 PDF
Front Matter Vol. 49 No. 1, 2017 PDF
Back Matter Vol. 49 No. 1, 2017 PDF

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