Vol 33, No 1 (2001)

Table of Contents


Epitaxy of GaN Film by Hydrogen Plasma Assisted MOCVD PDF
Sugianto Sugianto, A. Subagio, Erzam Erzam, R.A. Sani, M. Budiman, P. Arifin, M. Barmawi 1-4
MOCVD Growth of GaSb and Al GaSb PDF
E. Sustini, Sugianto Sugianto, P. Arifin, M. Barmawi 5-8
A Study of Quantum dots of GaSb PDF
M. Barmawi, Sugianto Sugianto, R.A. Sani, Euis Sustini, P. Arifin, M. Budiman 9-12
Simulation and Fabrication of Double Barrier Structure of P-I-N Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Device PDF
Ida Hamidah, Kardiawarman Kardiawarman, Budi Mulyanti, Andi Suhandi 13-16
Effect of B-doping on the Crystal Structural and Optical Properties of Zinc Oxide Thin Films for Photonic Devices PDF
Fery Adriyanto, Usman Santosa, Riyatun Riyatun, Wilson W. Wenas 17-19
Effect of Annealing Treatment on the Optical Properties of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) thin film prepared by MOCVD PDF
Iis Nurhasanah, Priyono Priyono, Wilson W Wenas 21-23
Effects of Substrate Temperature on Vacuum Deposited Thin Film of Disperse Red 1 on ITO Glass PDF
H. Taunaumang, Herman Herman, M. O. Tjia 25-29

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