Uncorrected Proofs

On the Global Existence and Boundedness of Solutions of a Certain Integro Vector Differential Equation of Second Order
Cemil Tunc & Timur Ahyan
Poly(urethane) synthesized from 9-ethoxy-1,10-octadecanediol obtained by modification of palm oil oleic acid
Bunbun Bundjali, Muhammad Masykuri, Fitri Widya Hartanti & I Made Arcana
Local Fractional Operator for a One-Dimensional Coupled Burger Equation of Non-Integer Time Order Parameter
Sunday Onos Edeki & G. O. Akinlabi
New Generalized Algorithm For Developing-Step Higher Derivative Block Methods For Solving Higher Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Oluwaseun Adeyeye  and Zurni Omar 
Some New Operations of Interval Cut Set On Interval Valued Neutrosophic Sets
Mehmet Şahin, Vakkas Ulucay and Merve Menekşe
Flavonoid Compounds from the Herb of Krokot (Lygodium microphyllum) and their antioxidant activity against DPPH
Hadi Kuncoro, Kindi Farabi, Laode Rijai, Euis Julaeha, Unang Supratman & Yoshihito Shiono
Correlation of hypoxia and pro-senescence protein expression in green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) lung epithelial and dermal fibroblast cell culture
Anggraini Barlian & Yemima Dani Riani 
Acceptance Sampling Plans Based on Truncated Life Tests for Sushila Distribution
Amer Ibrahim Al-Omari
An Elementary Approach to Polynomial Optimization on Polynomial meshes
Marco Vianello
Development of Low Cost TiO2/CuO/Cu Solar Cell by using Combined of Spray and Electroplating Method 
M Rokhmat, Sutisna, E. Wibowo, R Murniati, Khairurrijal & Mikrajuddin Abdullah

Generalization of Slightly Compressible Modules

Samruam Baupradist, Phatsarapa Janmuang& Suphawat Asawasamrit

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