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Jurnal Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota (Journal of Regional and City Planning), founded in 1990 by Prof. Soegijanto Soegijoko, JPWK was the oldest planning journal based in Indonesia. It was first published by Lembaga Penelitian Planologi (LPP) ITB, Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Wilayah dan Kota (P3WK), and then The Department of Regional and City Planning, ITB. JPWK's logo was designed by Mochtaram Karyoedi.

Since No. 1 Vol 25 April 2014, JPWK has fully adopted a double-blind peer review process. Every manuscript that is considered for publication will be sent to at least two external referees in the relevant field(s).

JPWK is published by the ITB Journal Publisher in cooperation with Indonesian Association of Planners (IAP) and Indonesian Planning Schools Association (ASPI).

Back issues (1990-2013) can be accessed through

Past Editors

Pradono (2004-2013)

Iwan Kustiwan (1999-2003)

Benedictus Kombaitan (1995-1999)

Kusbiantoro (1992-1994)

Founding Editor

Soegijanto Soegijoko (1990-1992)

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