Pengaruh Variabel Interior dan Musik Terhadap Persepsi Pengalaman Romantis Pengunjung Kafe

Andrianto Andrianto, Prabu Wardono, Dona Saphiranti


Influence of Interior and Music Variables in Romantic Experience Perception of Café Visitors

The atmosphere of a café interior that gives a romantic experience is desirable for couples in love. In this preliminary research, a number of aspects supporting a romantic experience were investigated by combining three variables (table color, music and lighting) that influence the perception of a romantic experience. Twenty couples of respondents were involved to consider the conditions of these variables in creating a romantic atmosphere in a café. The findings generally showed that tables with a red color and classical music are better able to create the perception of a romantic experience than purple tables and jazz music. Variation of light intensity (dimming) was used to support the stimulus of the variables of color and music. The response from the research subjects revealed that the use of the color red in the interior yielded a higher average score compared to the use of the color purple. The same occurred for the music choice, in which classical music gained a higher average score compared to jazz.

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