Pengaruh Lebar Fasad, Warna Interior, dan Lokasi Meja Kasir terhadap Persepsi Aman dan Sikap Konsumen pada Convenience Store

Imtihan Hanum, Prabu Wardono, Deddy Wahyudi


The rapid development of the convenience store contributes to the rising occurence of retail crime. Convenience store guidelines and related theories show that visibility in convenience store interiors is important to suppress criminal intents. However, the factors developed to improve security perception and client behavior are not clearly described. In this study variables were examined that may suppress criminal intent through the improvement of security perception and consumer behavior in convenience stores. In the experiment for this study 43 respondents were used to evaluate a stimulus set consisting of simulated images of a convenience store interior. The response data were analyzed using ANOVA. The experiment results showed that a cashier location far from the exit with a cool color combination is deemed secure by the respondents, while the location of a counter away from the exit has a positive effect on client behavior. However, the façade variable did not contribute significantly to improving security perception and client behavior. The experimental results can be used in convenience store design guidelines and for developing design knowledge. In the future, other types of shops or public spaces with similar problems can be studied.

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