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Comparative Study of Themes of Iran National Epic in Old and Contemporary Iranian Miniatures

Sediqeh Pourmokhtar & Morteza Afshari
Art Research, Faculty of Art, Shahed University, Iran.

Received 29 January 2019, Accepted 25 June 2019.

Abstract. Literary works are one of the main sources of Persian painting. National Epic literature of Iran, Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, has been noticed more than other literary types because it narrates the chivalry of the kings and national heroes of Iran. In different periods, the Iranian artists benefit the themes of this, the main pillars of Iranian literature. But the encounter of artists to this work varied in different periods. This research inspects old Iranian miniatures of Baysonghori Shahnameh and their adaptation in terms of contents and literary themes with works of contemporary Iranian artists. The research has been carried out through descriptive-analytical and comparative approach. The present study seeks to answer this question; what are the differences and similarities between the old and contemporary miniatures regarding epic Iranian literature? The findings show that similarities and differences are a function of social and economic conditions and also changing the artist and audiences place.
Keywords: Baysonghori Shahnameh; contemporary miniatures; old miniatures.


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