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Vol. 19 No. 2 (2021)

Exploring Tourism Opportunities: Role of Financial Institutions in the Promotion of Tourism Entrepreneurship in Kerala

September 19, 2020


This study aims to assess the role of financial institutions in promoting tourism
entrepreneurship in the state of Kerala; Kerala is a brand of Indian tourism and the destiny
of world tourism. The study highlights the acumen behind the promotion of tourism
entrepreneurship, tourism opportunities in Kerala and identifies the role of financial
institutions in exploring tourism opportunities with the primary data sourced from 222
tourism entrepreneurs of Kerala. The study found that financial institutions significantly
assist tourism enterprises in asset creation. Further, the findings reveal a positive
association between financial assistance in the innovation of recreation facilities and a
stimulus to start enterprises in the tourism sector. The study provides deeper insights to
managers and academicians that the financial institutions should extend credit to the
tourism industry as Priority Sector Lending (PSL) along with other prime lending sectors.


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