Procedure for Publication from Conferences

  1. The Conference Organizers submit a proposal or an offer letter to the ITB Journals, in this occasion Editorial Board of Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences (JMFS/J.Math.Fund.Sci.), including detailed information of the conference event including its webpage.

  2. ITB Journal discusses the possibility of receiving the proposal based on scientific fields, organizers, the committee (Scientific Committee and Organizing Committee), speakers, and participants involved in the conference. 

  3. ITB Journal will decide which theme offered by the Conference Organizer and discuss the possibility of receiving the application for 10 (ten) selected papers with various origins of authors for their institutions and countries.

  4. When the request is approved, ITB Journals Editorial Board will send the standard format templates and the Conference Organizers have to organize the peer review process of the papers and also to conduct the plagiarism checking before the review process and after the Authors have revised it.

  5. Paper’s format, reviewing process form and Author Response form should be adapted to the standard ITB Journals. The required forms can be found in the Author Guideline page.

  6. The composition of the Author’s affiliation submitted papers are : 
    a. the local university where the conference organized held are maximum 4 (four) papers,
    b. other national/domestic universities are 4 (four) papers,
    c. foreign institutions/universities have a minimum  of 2 (two) papers (excluding Indonesia)

  7. Each of the paper’s content should be upgraded to (at least) 30% from its conference version and each paper's length no longer than 20 (twenty) pages based on ITB Journal’s review template. The conference version should be included for comparison, and Authors should explain the enrichment of the upgraded version against the conference version.

  8. The upgraded paper mentioned in Point 7 should be reviewed substantially in the essay report at least by 1 (one) expert at least from the Conference Organizer university itself or domestic (other national universities) and 1 (one) expert from a foreign reviewer (excluding Indonesia). The reviewers have considerably cited and recorded publications that are indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science with minimum h-index of 15. (The reviewer’s detailed information should be enclosed at the end of the Review Form).

  9. After review and revision process is completed, the Conference Organizers submit all paper files which consist of: Conference version, Upgraded version (as the Initial Review Paper) and the comparison note, 2 (two) Reviewer Reports, Revised Paper, Author’s Response Form, Authorship Statements and Plagiarism Report  (before review and after revision), please see Point 5 for the template and format of the required files.

  10. ITB Journals will not re-review the papers, but we will examine the Review Papers, Reviewers Essay Report, Author’s Respond Form and Revised version submitted by the Conference Organizer.

  11. ITB Journals have the right to reject the paper sent by the Conference Organizers when the content, format, and themes are not in accordance with the regulations/standards of ITB Journals.

  12. The accepted paper will be charged a publication fee for USD 150 in accordance with prevailing regulations.

  13. The accepted paper will be published in a regular publication, along with the accepted papers from regular submission. 

Figure 1 The flow chart Procedure of Publication from Conference.