Development of Drive Control Strategy for Front-and-Rear-Motor-Drive Electric Vehicle (FRMDEV)

Binbin Sun, Bo Li, Yongjun Wang, Wenqing Ge, Song Gao


In order to achieve both high-efficiency drive and low-jerk mode switch in FRMDEVs, a drive control strategy is proposed, consisting of top-layer torque distribution aimed at optimal efficiency and low-layer coordination control improving mode-switch jerk. First, with the use of the off-line particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSOA), the optimal switching boundary between single-motor-drive mode (SMDM) and dual-motor drive mode (DMDM) was modelled and a real-time torque distribution model based on the radial basis function (RBF) was created to achieve the optimal torque distribution. Then, referring to the dynamic characteristics of mode switch tested on a dual-motor test bench, a torque coordination strategy by controlling the variation rate of the torque distribution coefficient during the mode-switch process was developed. Finally, based on a hardware-in-loop (HIL) test platform and an FRMDEV, the proposed drive control strategy was verified. The test results show that both drive economy and comfort were improved significantly by the use of the developed drive control strategy.


front-and-rear-motor-drive electric vehicle; drive control strategy; torque distribution; torque coordination control

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