Improving Intrusion Detection System Based on Snort Rules for Network Probe Attacks Detection with Association Rules Technique of Data Mining

Nattawat Khamphakdee, Nunnapus Benjamas, Saiyan Saiyod


The intrusion detection system (IDS) is an important network security tool for securing computer and network systems. It is able to detect and monitor network traffic data. Snort IDS is an open-source network security tool. It can search and match rules with network traffic data in order to detect attacks, and generate an alert. However, the Snort IDS  can detect only known attacks. Therefore, we have proposed a procedure for improving Snort IDS rules, based on the association rules data mining technique for detection of network probe attacks.  We employed the MIT-DARPA 1999 data set for the experimental evaluation. Since behavior pattern traffic data are both normal and abnormal, the abnormal behavior data is detected by way of the Snort IDS. The experimental results showed that the proposed Snort IDS rules, based on data mining detection of network probe attacks, proved more efficient than the original Snort IDS rules, as well as icmp.rules and icmp-info.rules of Snort IDS.  The suitable parameters for the proposed Snort IDS rules are defined as follows: Min_sup set to 10%, and Min_conf set to 100%, and through the application of eight variable attributes. As more suitable parameters are applied, higher accuracy is achieved.

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