An Optimized Method for Terrain Reconstruction Based on Descent Images


  • Xu Xinchao School of Gematics, Liaoning Technical University, LiaonngFuxin 123000
  • Zheng Zhenzhen School of Gematics, Liaoning Technical University, LiaonngFuxin 123000
  • Xu Aigong School of Gematics, Liaoning Technical University, LiaonngFuxin 123000
  • Liu Shaochuang Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences



An optimization method is proposed to perform high-accuracy terrain reconstruction of the landing area of Chang'e III. First, feature matching is conducted using geometric model constraints. Then, the initial terrain is obtained and the initial normal vector of each point is solved on the basis of the initial terrain. By changing the vector around the initial normal vector in small steps a set of new vectors is obtained. By combining these vectors with the direction of light and camera, the functions are set up on the basis of a surface reflection model. Then, a series of gray values is derived by solving the equations. The new optimized vector is recorded when the obtained gray value is closest to the corresponding pixel. Finally, the optimized terrain is obtained after iteration of the vector field. Experiments were conducted using the laboratory images and descent images of Chang'e III. The results showed that the performance of the proposed method was better than that of the classical feature matching method. It can provide a reference for terrain reconstruction of the landing area in subsequent moon exploration missions.


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