Mobile Robot Path Planning Optimization Based on Integration of Firefly Algorithm and Cubic Polynomial Equation


  • Sura Mazin Ali College of Political Sciences, AlMustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Janan Farag Yonan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Office, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Omar Alniemi College of Education for Pure Sciences, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq
  • Amjed Abbas Ahmed Computer Techniques Department, Imam Al-Kadhum College, Baghdad, Iraq



cubic polynomial equation, firefly algorithm, mobile robot, optimal path planning


Mobile Robot is an extremely essential technology in the industrial world. Optimal path planning is essential for the navigation of mobile robots. The firefly algorithm is a very promising tool of Swarm Intelligence, which is used in various optimization areas. This study used the firefly algorithm to solve the mobile robot path-planning problem and achieve optimal trajectory planning. The objective of the proposed method is to find the free-collision-free points in the mobile robot environment and then generate the optimal path based on the firefly algorithm. It uses the A? algorithm to find the shortest path. The essential function of use the firefly algorithm is applied to specify the optimal control points for the corresponding shortest smooth trajectory of the mobile robot. Cubic Polynomial equation is applied to generate a smooth path from the initial point to the goal point during a specified period. The results of computer simulation demonstrate the efficiency of the firefly algorithm in generating optimal trajectory of mobile robot in a variable degree of mobile robot environment complexity.


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