SINTA Accreditation


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that 3BIO Journal of Biological Sciences, Technology and Management has now officially been awarded a SINTA3 Accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, as per the Decree Number 204/E/KPT/2022 on Accreditation Ranking of Scientific Journals for the second period of 2022. We aim to maintain a quality standard for our papers and editorial processes.

For our first issue of Volume 5 (2023), 3BIO invites papers from original empirical research, literature reviews, theoretical or methodological contributions, or short communications on, but not limited to, the following topics:

- Ecology and Biosystematics
- Microbiology
- Genetics and Molecular Biology
- Animal Development and Physiology
- Plant Development and Physiology
- Entomology
- Biomedical science
- Biochemistry
- Agronomy
- Forestry
- Bioengineering
- Bioethics
- Management of Biological Resources

For more information about 3BIO, please visit our website at:

We look forward to publish your manuscripts.