Generalization of Slightly Compressible Modules


  • Samruam Baupradist Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330
  • Phatsarapa Janmuang Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330
  • Suphawat Asawasamrit Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Science, King Mongkut??s University of Technology North Bangkok, Bangkok 10800



compressible modules, M-sightly compressible modules, slightly compressible modules


In this paper, we give a generalization of slightly compressible modules. We introduce the notion of M-slightly compressible modules, i.e. a right R module N is called M-slightly compressible if for every nonzero submodule A of N there exists a nonzero R-homomorphism s from M to N such that . Many examples of M-slightly compressible modules are provided. Some results on M-slightly compressible modules are obtained, which are interesting and important.


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