Subclasses of Bi-Univalent Functions of Complex Order Based on Subordination Conditions Involving Wright Hypergeometric Functions


  • Murugusundaramoorthy Gangadharan School of Advanced Sciences, VIT University, Vellore 632014, Tamilnadu, India



analytic functions, bi-univalent functions, bi-starlike and bi-convex functions, Dziok-Srivastava operator, Gaussian hypergeometric function, univalent functions.


In this paper, we introduce and investigate a new subclass of bi-univalent functionsΣ of complex order dened in the open unit disk, which are associated with hypergeometric functions and satisfying subordinate conditions. Furthermore, we nd estimates on the Taylor-Maclaurin coecients| a2 | and| a3 | for functions in the new subclass. Several (known or new) consequences of the results are also pointed out.


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