Correlation and Relativistic Effects on the Level Structure of Negative Ions of Atoms with Half-filled p Shell


  • Gülay Günday Konan Physics Department, Faculty of Science and Art, Sakarya University
  • Leyla ?zdemir Physics Department, Faculty of Science and Art, Sakarya University
  • Nurgül Gündüz Atik Physics Department, Faculty of Science and Art, Sakarya University



Breit-Pauli Hamiltonian, correlation and relativistic effects, electron affinity, fine-structure levels, MCHF method, negative ion.


The level structure for negative ions (anions) of some atoms with half-filled p shell have been investigated using the multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock method with Breit-Pauli relativistic effects (MCHF+BP method). Thus, we have performed a systematic calculation including correlation and relativistic corrections for negative ions of these atomic systems. Investigations into the level structures of negative ions provide valuable insight into the fundamental problem of many-body motion. The correlation and relativistic effects in negative ions relative to neutral atoms and positive ions are greatly expected. In this work, we also discuss calculations for these effects in view of the MCHF+BP method.


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