Knowledge Resources Informing Lighting Design Practice in Egyptian TV and Film Industry


  • Mustafa Yousry Matbouly School of Cinematic Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Effat University, 8482 Qasr Khuzam, Jeddah 22332


Egypt, film, lighting design, knowledge resources, scientific research, television


This study investigated the knowledge resources informing television and film lighting design practice in Egypt and the value of suggesting scientific recommendations to be followed. A questionnaire was circulated among a considerable number of professional lighting designers, lighting directors, directors of photography and cameramen working in the Egyptian media industry. Most of those addressed by the survey indicated that their main knowledge resource during their work is likely to be their own past experience. Very few of them depend on the recommendations of scientific research. Moreover, critical analysis of the collected data showed that there is limited academic research in the discipline of lighting design available for Egyptian television and film practitioners to benefit from. It was concluded that the discipline of lighting design needs more scientific research to establish a database of findings, theories and paradigms just as any other design discipline.

Author Biography

Mustafa Yousry Matbouly, School of Cinematic Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Effat University, 8482 Qasr Khuzam, Jeddah 22332

- PhD, April 2007, Staffordshire University, England, UK Field of PhD: Digital Videography & Television Lighting Design
- MPhil, July 2002,Helwan University,Egypt Field of MPhil: Videography & Theatrical lighting design
- Bachelor degree of Applied Arts (Division of Photography, Cinema, and Television), June 1999, excellent with honour, Helwan University, Egypt
- Current occupation: Professor at the department of Visual and Digital Production – VDP, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Effat University, Jeddah, KSA


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