Probabilistic Modeling of Seismic Risk Based Design for a Dual System Structure


  • Indra Djati Sidi Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung,



dual system structure, fragility function, probabilistic based design, tall buildings, uncertainty, uniform hazard, uniform risk.


The dual system structure concept has gained popularity in the construction of high-rise buildings over the last decades. Meanwhile, earthquake engineering design provisions for buildings have moved from the uniform hazard concept to the uniform risk concept upon recognizing the uncertainties involved in the earthquake resistance of concrete structures. In this study, a probabilistic model for the evaluation of such risk is proposed for a dual system structure consisting of shear walls or core walls and a moment frame structure as earthquake resistant structure. Uncertainties in the earthquake resistance of the dual system structure due to record-to-record variability, limited amount of data, material variability and structure modeling are included in the formulation by means of the first-order second-moment method. The statistics of resistance against earthquake forces are estimated by making use of incremental nonlinear time history analysis using 10 recorded earthquake histories. Then, adopting the total probability theorem, the reliability of the structure is evaluated through a risk integral scheme by combining the earthquake resistance of the structure with the annual probability of exceedance for a given location where the building is being constructed.


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