Indonesian Digital Feminist Activism Bridging Global-Local Feminism Discourse: Textual Network Analysis of Jakarta Feminist


  • Rifka Annisa Hermanto University of Indonesia


digital feminist activism, textual network analysis, Jakarta Feminist


The internet and social media have influenced how feminist activists work today. In Indonesia, digital feminist activism was found to have been initiated by young women to deconstruct the general view related to women's empowerment, gender equality, networking, and mobilizing the protest constituents to the street. The opening of networks between countries by the internet has the potential to be the "bridge" for global feminism’s vision to the local agenda of feminist activists. Hence, this study aims to provide a discourse on the textual network of digital activism in the case of Jakarta Feminist. As a result, although the Jakarta Feminists have adopted a form of movement and entered the global network, the existing discourse shows the dominance of local issues and agendas such as gender-based violence, women’s representation, and human rights. Thus, they adapt the feminism concept to the local context.

Keywords: Digital Feminist Activism, Textual Network Analysis, Jakarta Feminist