Focus and Scope

Jurnal Sosioteknologi is an open access journal that focuses on research results in the fields of Sociotechnology studies, an intersection between science and technology and social sciences and humanities. We welcome manuscripts of interdisciplinary research results, conceptual ideas, studies, applications of theories, and book reviews that examine and review current practices on the effects of the changes within and the developments of technology on the growth of society (and vice versa). 

The examples of sociotechnology studies are as follows:

1. Language, Literature, & Culture:

- Language and technology

- Language and Science

- Technological Culture

2. Technology

- Technology and Society

- Technology and Religion

- Technology and Politics

- Technology and History

- Technology and Communications

- Technology and Law

3. Science

- Science and Society

- Science, Technology, and Health

- Energy and Society

- Environment and Society

4. Art

- Art and Science

- Art and Technology

- Art and Mathematics

5. Design

- Design and Technology

- Design and Society

- Film and Society

- Theater, Technology, and Society

- Music, Technology, and Society

Other areas relevant to sociotechnology