The Development of Jumping Sideways Instruments for Website-Based Children’s Coordination Test


  • Heri Maryono - -
  • Yohandri Universitas Negeri Padang


jumping sideways,, website,, talent identification,, Node MCU


Identification of children’s talents in the world of sports is needed to produce
maximum achievements. The talent identification program in this study focuses on a
coordination test using a jumping sideways instrument. Instruments still had limitations
in measurement, data processing, and data archiving. Therefore, a website-based
jumping sideways instrument was developed. This study aims to determine the design
specifications and performance specifications of the sideways jumping instrument,
which is website-based. This study is research and Development. Data collection
techniques are carried out directly and indirectly. The result of direct measurement is the
number of jumps, and the result of indirect measurement is the accuracy and precision
of the instrument. The first conclusion is that the performance specification consists of
a NodeMCU ESP8266, pushbuttons, an LCD, other supporting electronic components,
and a website. The two design specifications consist of a proper instrument accuracy of
99.6% and an accuracy of 100%.