Generation Z’s Trigger Motives in Choosing Online Food Purchase Options


  • Vika Fauzia Universitas Asa Indonesia (dh Akpindo Stein)
  • Meylani Tuti Universitas Asa Indonesia (dh Akpindo Stein)


online food, generation Z, online services, discounts, shipping charges, online reviews, loyalty


This study aims to determine Generation Z’s e-loyalty toward purchasing food via online services. Discounts, shipping charges, and online reviews were the study’s independent variables; the switching cost variable served as the study’s intermediary variable. SEM is an analytical technique that is employed with the aid of smartPLS software. 265 samples from the Generation Z, ranging in age from 15 to 26, were used in this study. The samples were from Bandung and Jabodetabek. The findings indicate that the bulk of the independent variables have an impact on the intervening and dependent variables, including variables that affect switching costs and e-loyalty, such as discounts, shipping costs, and online reviews. However, e-loyalty is unaffected by the fluctuating discount and switching costs. The independent variables that determine the loyalty of the z generation are the study’s limitations; hence, it is advised that further research be conducted using independent variables and alternative methodologies.