Study of The Form and Meaning of Communication Batik Klitikan Sintok Kedah Malaysia


  • Jati Widagdo Universiti Utara Malaysia



Batik Sintok is one of the new icons from the Kedah, Malaysia. It already has a patent, and has nine
motifs, one of which is the Klitikan Sintok motif. Klitikan Sintok has a "distinctive" characteristic that lies in its
motive because it is the result of plant elements living from the neighborhood of Sintok, namely the Sintok
tree, which is styled in such a way as to form the structure of the Sintok motif. The purpose of this research is
to determine and describe the embodiment of the Klitikan Sintok batik motif to find out and describe the
meaning of the Klitikan Sintok motif. Research using qualitative methods described descriptively. Data
collection was carried out with observation, documentation obtained during the study, as well as with relevant
literature and using Rolan Bartes' theory to dissect the meaning of Klitikan Sintok's motives.

Keywords: batik, Klitikan Sintok motif, shape, meaning



2021-07-12 — Updated on 2021-07-21