Pengembangan Model Pengukuran Intensitas Cahaya dalam Fotometri


  • W Hartati
  • Suprijadi Suprijadi



Light is one of physical quantities which its phenomena must be introduced from an early age. A theoretical based approach is generally used to teach about lighting phenomena at the junior and high school level, but lack of experiments because of the equipments are quite expensive. This research has developed a light intensity measurement model using the instruments which assembled independently. Light intensity measurement system is built by combination of photocell and microcontroller, and has 3.5% relative error at range 100 "“ 50000 lux.


Keywords: light intensity, photometry, photocell, microcontroller



Cara Mengutip

W. Hartati dan S. Suprijadi, “Pengembangan Model Pengukuran Intensitas Cahaya dalam Fotometri”, JOKI, vol. 2, no. 2, hlm. 87, Jan 2011.

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