As we venture into the latest publication of our journal, we are happy to present a diverse array of research articles that explore critical issues at the intersection of technology, society, and human behavior. In this March 2024 edition, our contributors have tackled a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from digital transformation and online education to social dynamics and consumer behavior.

This current edition begins with an insightful analysis of the factors shaping the digital transformation of public services in Banda Aceh City and Jambi City. This article sheds light on the intricate interaction between technology, policy, and societal needs, offering valuable insights for policymakers and practitioners alike.

Moving forward, we explore the critical issue of addressing sexual violence in college settings through innovative user interface applications. This research underscores the importance of technology in facilitating support and intervention mechanisms for survivors of sexual violence.

As we navigate the digital landscape of Indonesia's contemporary generation, another article unveils the complex dynamics of language and digital identity. This exploration provides a nuanced understanding of how digital platforms shape cultural expression and societal discourse.

In the realm of education, we examine the challenges and opportunities presented by synchronous and asynchronous online classrooms in tourism vocational high schools in Indonesia. This study underscores the need for innovative technological applications to enhance learning outcomes in diverse educational settings.

Turning our attention to consumer behavior, we investigate the influence of e-service quality on customer satisfaction and repurchase interest in the context of McDonald's. Employing structural equation modeling, this research provides valuable insights for businesses striving to meet the evolving demands of digital consumers.

Exploring the realm of marketing, our contributors study the role of virtual experiential marketing and brand trust in fostering brand loyalty. This article offers practical strategies for leveraging virtual experiences to enhance consumer engagement and loyalty.

Our publication also features an eye-tracking analysis of user experiences on TikTok MACAN Museum, providing intriguing insights into the visual dynamics of digital content consumption.

A narrative review examining the building of trust in artificial intelligence-based educational supporting systems is also presented in this edition. This research underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical considerations in the development and implementation of AI-driven educational technologies.

Finally, this edition concludes with an exploration of democracy in divided societies takes center stage in our publication, probing into electoral engineering for conflict management. Through a case study of Australia, this research illuminates the intricate mechanisms of centripetal incentives in fostering political cohesion.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the authors, reviewers, and editorial team for their invaluable contributions to this publication. It is my sincere hope that the insights shared in these articles will inspire further inquiry and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and society.


Warm regards,


Harry Nuriman


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